Yea!106.5 and WYEA!1290, in cooperation with Radney-Smith Funeral Home and American Legion Post 45, are proud to recognize a Veteran of the Month. Military veterans deserve our deepest respect, recognition, and admiration for the decision they made to serve, defend, and protect our country, and the opportunity to share some of their stories is an honor. Click a name below to replay our feature interview.

January: William Malcolm Howell Jr.
February: Theron Wilson Kelley
March: Jimmy Lee Macon
April: Michael Holladay
May: Edgar Wayne Wallace
June: Robert Evan Terrill
July: William Gregory Akers
August: Larry Monroe DeLoach
September: Robert Wade Fowler
October: Anthony Harold Barnett

January: James Whitney Heigl
February: Leonard Perry Hickman
March: Donald Keith Williams
April: Landon Thomas Floyd
May: Joe Dean Hassell
June: Jon Segars
July: Christopher Blake Atkins
August: Manuell Smith III
September: Dorothy Noell
October: Jerry Thomas Culberson
November: Homer Lee Smith Jr.
December: Donald Nelson

January: John R. Newberry
February: Douglass Leon Carpenter
March: Terry Lane Morris
April: William Edward Jenkins
May: Walter Brian Smith
June: John Lamar Willis
July: Jonathan Draper Hall
August: Braxton Bragg Leonard
September: John T. Harris
October: Ross Coy Wakefield
November: Richard Nevelle Bivin
December: Huey Geraldine Dennis

January: Frank S. Thacker Jr.
February: John Horton
March: Dean Blount
April: Ed Holley
May: Durward Bennett
June: Dennis Murphy
July: Ted Tucker
August: Bill Lewis
September: Don Wilson
October: Howard Ellington
November: E.W. Bush
December: Michael Pearson