As a service to our listeners and the communities we serve, Yea!106.5 and WYEA!1290 provide free non-commercial air time in the form of public service announcements.

CRITERIA: PSA requests must be submitted by not-for-profit organizations or non-profit government agencies. Messages should promote a service or benefit to the community and must pertain to and be of potential interest in our coverage area. All PSA submissions are subject to editing, quality standards, acceptance, and approval. If you pay for ads in a newspaper, on another radio station, on television, on billboards, or on websites, we will need to charge you as well. Otherwise, we will do more than anyone else to help you – for free.

SUBMISSION DEADLINES: At least 10 days prior to the requested start date.

RUN DATES: Provide desired broadcast start and end dates (maximum 30 days, subject to extension).

LENGTH: 10-seconds or 30-seconds.

FORMAT: We accept a textual script format (for our production) or your own digital audio files (preferred as 320k MP3s). For consideration and initial approval, please submit your proposed script with your request.

A 30-second PSA is normally 60-75 words, while a 10-second version is 20-25 words, and scripts are subject to editing. If your request is approved and you are able to supply audio, files will be requested and may be emailed to an address we will provide or mailed to us on a CD or USB drive.

SCHEDULE: Schedules will rotate within specified run dates and randomly based on airtime availability.

How do you write a PSA? First, what are your goals? What do you want to accomplish? Who are you hoping to reach? Because you’ll only have a few seconds to convince the audience, the language should be simple yet vivid, so make every word count, and make your message clear. Generally, a PSA should request a specific action, such as visiting a website or calling a specific number to obtain more information, or reinforce an organization’s important community activities.

To submit a request for airtime, contact us by mail or email using the information below.

Marble City Media LLC
P.O. Box 629
Sylacauga, AL 35150-0629